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Episode #41: The Role of a Speech-Language Pathologist in Your Child’s Life

Speech Specialist for Child
Interview With a Speech-Language Pathologist
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Interview With a Speech-Language Pathologist

Show Notes:

Did you know your premature baby can communicate with you? How do you know if your toddler should be talking yet? Do only young children develop a stutter? Why would a speech-language pathologist work with an adult?

In this episode of the Water Prairie Chronicles, Tonya interviews Jackie Gradnigo, a Speech-Language Pathologist in Louisiana, about her job as an SLP and how she works with babies in the NICU across the ages to seniors living in a care facility. Jackie’s upbeat personality shines through as she shares about the work she loves as a speech specialist.

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YouTube Short: “What Types of Speech Delays Are Seen In Children?”
YouTube Short: “Speech and Communication in Children”
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