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Episode #40: Dyslexia Can’t Stop Me!

Finding success in life while living with dyslexia.
Finding success in life while living with dyslexia.
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Finding success in life while living with dyslexia.

Show Notes:

Ariel was a 6th-grade student who began to show signs of struggling with her schoolwork. When her mother took her to be evaluated for learning differences, she was told her daughter would not be able to complete regular school graduation and to plan for her to follow an alternative educational path. In today’s episode of the Water Prairie Chronicles, Ariel tells her own story of how Dyslexia hasn’t stopped her from achieving her goals in life. When asked what she would tell the doctor she saw in sixth grade, she responded enthusiastically, “Look at me now!”

Listen in on Ariel’s story of how her mother made a huge impact on how she approached her learning challenges, how specific teachers left a positive impact on her life, and what she’s doing as an adult with dyslexia. You’ll be inspired by how this young woman faced the devastating diagnosis of her doctor with determination to believe the words her mother told her and not to let the negativity hold her back!

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Ariel’s Instagram: @mermaid_capri

Ariel’s sister, Kenya’s, podcast Episode #33 on Childhood Narcolepsy

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