Episode #28: Johnny Kincaid’s Story (part 2)

Baby Jack on NBC This Is Us 2022
Baby Jack on NBC This Is Us
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Johnny Kincaid’s Story (part 2) Baby Jack on NBC This Is Us

Show Notes:

Episode #28: Johnny Kincaid’s Story (part 2) Baby Jack on NBC This Is Us 2022 Johnny Kincaid is the child actor who plays Baby Jack on the NBC series This Is Us during the 2022 Final Season of the show. Johnny has albinism and nystagmus, and his mother, Marisol, is an advocate for visually impaired children. Marisol uses her Instagram account as a platform to teach others the importance of proper care for those with albinism and general information about different eye conditions.

This episode is the second half of an interview Marisol Kincaid gave on the Water Prairie Chronicles podcast to talk about parenting a child with albinism, Baby Jack on This Is Us, and how Johnny Kincaid got his first acting job on the NBC TV show. In this fun interview, listen in as Marisol and Tonya share their experiences in parenting a child with albinism and nystagmus and compare notes about raising their children.

During the second part of the interview, Marisol shares how Johnny got started with acting and some of his experiences while filming.

Contact Marisol: @holdingsunshine on Instagram

More Information on Albinism: https://rarediseases.org/rare-diseases/oculocutaneous-albinism/

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