Episode #25: Diversity on the Podcast

How Are We Alike?
How Are We Alike?
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Diversity on the Podcast – How Are We Alike?

Show Notes:

As a way of celebrating the first 25 episodes of the Water Prairie Chronicles podcast, we created this episode as a compilation of all the Speed Rounds from the guests featured in episodes 1 through 24. The podcast may feature guests who represent different types of disabilities and support for those living with disabilities, but we’ve found through the Speed Round portion of our interviews that we’re alike in many ways.

Listen through the responses to the 10 Speed Round questions and see who you can connect with and check out some of the books our guests have read recently from the list below. Tonya is an Amazon Associate and might receive a benefit if you click on the links, and any income received by using these links will go to help support the creation of the Water Prairie Chronicles podcast.

The following books were mentioned during question 2 of the Speed Round:

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