Episode #22: Autistic Friendship

How to Help Your Autistic Child Make Friends
How to help your autistic child make friends
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Show Notes:

Autistic Friendship: How to help your autistic child make friends

A popular search topic for autistic adults is, “How to make friends as an autistic person.” Many parents of autistic children want to find out how to help your autistic child make friends. Why is this a difficult topic to find help with?

In this episode of the Water Prairie Chronicles, Tonya talks with Praveen Sriram about the topic of “Autistic Friendship.” Praveen shares how his life was as a child and some of the tips he has found that help him make friends as an autistic adult. He’s found some creative ways to meet others even during the Covid 19 pandemic and has some suggestions for children and parents who are looking for help with how to find friends as an autistic person.

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