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Episode #17: Brody the Lion Books for Children
Books for Autistic Children and Sensory Kids
Books for Autistic Children and Sensory Kids
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Show Notes:

Books for Autistic Children

Tonya continues her interview from last week’s episode with Dr. Kristin Wegner, a clinical psychologist who works with autistic children along with children who may have other sensory needs to help them unlock the door and experience the world around them. During this part of the interview, Dr. Wegner introduces the Brody the Lion book series. The series of books for autistic children was written as a way to help any child who needs to prepare for change and may have difficulty when things don’t go as they expected them to go and include a special section of tips for parents to help them teach their child and prepare them for different challenges they may face.

The Brody the Lion series is an excellent addition to your library for your child, and, after meeting Brody and watching this video, we think you’ll want to get these books for your children and grandchildren! We’ve included the links below for anyone who wants to purchase through Amazon or Dr. Wegner’s website.

If you missed Episode #16 with Dr. Wegner, you can find it HERE. During the interview, Dr. Wegner shared some fantastic tips for parents of young children on who to call if you think you see autistic traits in your child so you can get started with early interventions and help your child open the door to the world around them as well as how to know if the therapy you’re starting will be a positive experience for your child.

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