Episode #14: The History and Symbols of Autism

The Symbols of Autism: The Autism Puzzle Piece and Autism History

The Autism Puzzle Piece and Autism History
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Show Notes:

When you think of the word “autism,” what images come to mind for you? Do you think of the autism puzzle piece? Is there a symbol for autism that means something to you? Who was the first person with autism?

In this episode of the Water Prairie Chronicles, I’m going to talk about some of the more common symbols used to represent autism and the history and meaning behind them. To do this, we’ll also dig into the history of when autism was first diagnosed and some of the changes that have occurred in diagnosing autism over the last century.

Some of the references mentioned during this episode are listed below for you to explore on your own. These are listed in the order they are referenced during the episode:

  • Water Prairie Chronicles Episodes focused on autism topics:
    • Episode #10 – Nicole Schlechter, the creator of the IEP Parent Academy and mother of an autistic son
    • Episode #11 – Justin Houcek, the owner of ASDwithME and mentor in his community
    • Episode #12 – Jennifer Pfaltzgraff, the executive director of the Arc of the Triangle and mother of a son with cerebral palsy
    • Episode #13 – A discussion on the role of stimming in autistic children and adults

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