Episode #6: The Creator of the Dancing Eyes Podcast

(Congenital Nystagmus)

Growing Up With Congenital Nystagmus
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Show Notes:

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have your eyes dancing all the time?

In this episode of the Water Prairie Chronicles podcast, Tonya talks with Frankie Caputo, the creator of the Dancing Eyes Podcast, about growing up with congenital nystagmus. Frankie helps answer the question, what is nystagmus by sharing what his childhood was like, how he was treated by other students, and if he has needed to make modifications in how he does everyday activities. He also shares how he created his podcast and is meeting people all around the world who live with nystagmus.

Be sure to check out his podcast at https://www.youtube.com/dancingeyespodcast!

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     Instagram: @frankiecaputo22 / @dancingeyespodcast

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Tonya Wollum


Tonya Wollum is a disability advocate and host of the Water Prairie Chronicles podcast which connects special needs parents with resources to help them navigate parenting a child with a disability. She is the mother of 2 college-age children who have each grown up with a disability. That experience, along with a background in education, led her to create the Water Prairie Chronicles to help share what she has learned with parents of younger children to help them know how to advocate for their children.

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